The Birth of a Dream

As early as 1987 a boy's love for basketball started him thinking about life after competitive ball and how he could turn his passion for playing and teaching into a life long mission.  David began to write down ideas how he could make his dream a reality. Dreaming is always the first step in propelling a goal into a reality!

Throughout the early 90's while playing college ball his dream began to strengthen. He continued to draw buildings, write down ideas and visit facilities across America. Meanwhile, as a school teacher and coach he began to practice basic financial principles such as living below his means, investing, budgeting, and debt management. Through the years, he learned persistence, patience and implemented a disciplined investment strategy. Although his dream was very real, he was the only one who knew how real it really was.

The Birth of a Team

Early in 2000, he and his wife took their life savings and risked it all on their first business, a health club. As first time owners, the experience was exhilarating as they began to find out what it was like to depend on a team of individuals to make a company run effectively. As The Orange Planet  dream began to unfold, a couple of friends who shared his vision and understood his passion listened and caught the vision, enthusiastically giving their support. Not totally understanding who or what was around the corner, it was God's leading and blessing, in six short months bringing together exactly what was needed to make this dream a reality. You must first fully believe, commit and pursue your dream, and then and only then will you find someone to join you on the journey.

The Dream becomes Reality

In September 2006, the decision to make this 20-year dream a reality began to unfold. Of the many outside challenges (too many to list) it seemed that one came from within. After reading II Tim 1: 7 which states, "God has not given you the spirit of fear...but of power...", David realized that fear was a normal and real emotion, but it didn't have to derail his dreams. Encouraged by this truth, David proceeded forward with confidence, not in self, not in a plan, not in a team, not in a location, though all have their place, but with submission to His Savior who delivers on His promises. (Proverbs 3:5,6). This once boy, now a father of two, along with his H.S. sweetheart, launched their dream and vision to the world on December 15, 2007. Dreams do come true! 

The story continues...

The Orange Planet continues to reach beyond the walls of our physical structure. Our dream has led us to involvement in mentoring students and young adults in schools, detention centers, and local jail. Additionally, we tutor students in academics, counsel students/parents and work hard on reducing obesity through private one-on-one training. It is my continued desire to strengthen people within our community building strong students and families. I am grateful for the overwhelming support thus far.

Our Journey