"FRIENDS OF FRIENDS" training sessions offers a group of friends or a whole team individual training with competitive skill development at a volume price. Sessions are 45 or 90 minutes each with a minimum of two registering at the same time. 

"Coach David established a great rapport and brought immediate improvement with one session.​" James F.


TOP CLINICS are performed around the US upon request. If you like us to come to your state and conduct our clinic we'd be happy to discuss your needs and present a proposal. It would include scope details, expense reimbursements and an option for distant learning as follow up. We have done 6 hour day clinics for older athletes and 3 hour for 3-5th grades. We are flexible, creative and skilled at communicating and breaking down the game. 

PRIVATE COACHING WORKS Private coaching has proven to be the single most effective way to improve your game. Private coaching facilitates dramatic improvement in skills and performance, which translates into a far more successful and fulfilling athletic career. Through private coaching a young person or adult will benefit from an increased level of confidence and mental awareness, in addition there are physical benefits of improved conditioning, better balance, and enhanced overall athleticism. The result is a fun experience giving participants a role model that is focused on setting goals and making satisfying achievements in other areas of their lives. Private coaching also provides a mental break from a stressed filled day and can give you a life relationship with sports. 

EXPERIENCE MATTERS Since 1991 David began coaching athletes on basketball skills. David serves as the lead Basketball Player Development Coach and trained thousands of boys and girls from first through college age. Additionally, he has taught adults who desire to improve so they can better fit into recreational games or desire cross training basketball workouts. David is SafeSport, NCAA and Gold USA Youth Basketball trained and has coached junior and senior high as well as the AAU circuit. As a former high school and collegiate basketball player he earned multiple awards as well as high school baseball and soccer. He has a degree in education and a master's in counseling. Contact David today to schedule a fun and challenging workout! ​


  • We believe that technical development, correct repetition, athletcism and mental training develop solid players at all levels 
  • We focus on techniques that involve proper footwork, moving with and without the ball, ball handling, passing, shooting, on and off ball defense, confidence and overall understanding of the game
  • Training is offered year around at our place or your place (ask about travel expense)
  • David meets with each perspective athlete before making any decision to trainAt which point your athletes needs, goals, scheduling and pricing are discussed. Contact us to begin that process
  • All sessions are 45 minutes in length. We also have a "90 minute challenge workout"
  • Athleticism training (explosion, flexibility, conditioning, speed and strength) is in every workout. The best basketball players are in the best shape

"Your approach with my girls is outstanding. Thank you so much! You have helped them overcome great obstacles and they are excited again to play ball." - Jim D. - Des Moines

Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability. - John Wooden

"Dave, I was really impressed how you taught my boys. You broke down their shots in understandable terms and allowed them to focus on specific correctable items when they work out on their own." - K. Smith, West Des Moines

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