Inspire. Strengthen. Impact.​


We are a basketball training company based in Des Moines, Iowa specializing in one-on-one and small group training. While focusing on the fundamentals of basketball athletes will also work on strength, conditioning, power, flexibility, speed, and agility. These different aspects of basketball will help players develop a better game, get in the best shape, and reach a higher level of performance. Additionally, we serve our community through our non profit work and counseling services. 


Since 1994 David began coaching athletes on basketball skills. David serves as the lead Basketball Player Development Coach and trained thousands of boys and girls from first through college age. Additionally, he has taught adults who desire to improve so they can better fit into recreational games or desire cross training basketball workouts. David completed SafeSport, NCAA and Gold USA Youth Basketball training and has coached junior and senior high as well as the AAU circuit. As a former high school and collegiate basketball player he earned multiple awards as well as baseball and soccer. He has a degree in education and a master's in counseling. 

The principles below represent Christian time-honored values that develop solid character, the founder's vision and serve as our basis for future success.



I believe character development is the key to true success

and is the only quality that sets me apart from everyone else.

I believe dreaming is the first step in propelling my goals into reality.

I believe there is no substitute for hard work, sacrifice,

and discipline, the ingredients that prepare me for the “big game”.

I believe faith, positive attitude, and confidence is the keys that get me through anything life throws at me.

I believe that defeats make me stronger and tough times are tests to be passed. The ground is no place for a champion.

I believe extra effort, concentration and poise sets me apart from those who might try to defeat me. I am not afraid to fail and will not apologize for giving my all to win.

I believe proper conditioning and mental toughness will allow me to persevere until the end.

I believe my creed, when lived out, will help me handle success, critics and adversity. I accept responsibility and make no excuse whatever happens.

I believe my actions are a reflection of my beliefs. Living my principles will influence the game of life and model a legacy for others to follow.
                                                                                                                                           ©Copyright 2005, David Charleston