Playing volleyball at a higher level requires technical instruction that is suited for your individual needs. Private instruction is the single most effective way to improve your game. Our training is specific and challenging. We teach proper mechanics and skill development to prepare you to compete at the highest game level possible.


  • Offered year around
  • All individual training begins with an appointment to discuss goals
  • Sessions are 50 minutes in length
  • Sessions are by appointment


Group training offers a group of friends or a team individual training with competitive skill development as a group. Sessions are 50 minutes in length and cost $20 per person per session with a minimum of three registering at the same time. Groups do not exceed 6. 

Meet your instructor, Brandy 

"We had a wonderful experience with Brandy! My two daughters couldn't believe how much she incorporated into one session. Her feedback was awesome. I am so thankful we found Brandy, and look forward to more sessions with her." Angela

Contact us to begin your journey. There are no refunds or price reduction for not attending or missing a training session. Training athlete may utilize the fitness center for no cost during length of sessions.