Obesity Reduction

We are experiencing an epidemic. There are 9 million obese children in America alone. That is up three times since 1971. The CDC estimates 112,000 deaths per year are associated with obesity.

Diabetes, heart disease, sleep problems, too much fat in your blood, intestinal disease, low self worth, and depression are just some of the big problems with being obese.

Don't want the label? If you are carrying 20% more fat than what is ideal to someone in your height and weight category you are considered obese. There is help!

Students ages 5-19 who struggle with weight management and desire intervention can get help right here. It all starts with a free student and parent confidential appointment with our exercise coach followed by implementing a plan of attack. We will lead you in the fundamentals of exercise and the importance of eating healthy. Students wishing to participate must commit to all 20 sessions (Level 1) typically lasting 10 weeks. Food accountability and exercise log is part of participation in this program.  A student only advances to additional levels after successfully finishing level one.  If you advance to level two there are some scholarships offered. If you want help, we have the knowledge and tools to reduce your weight and help implement new behaviors.

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